Most businesses start up and grow slowly or if planned they grow quickly. Whatever your situation sooner or later, as a business owner, you will be faced with the need that requires a business valuation. There are many reasons to consider a business valuation no matter what industry or profession you happen to be in. You may want to sell your business to buy another. Perhaps you are doing estate planning or you are getting a divorce.

Here are few additional reasons to consider a business valuation:

  • You use gifts as a tax strategy in your estate plan
  • You are liquidating your business
  • You are setting up a buy/sell agreement
  • You are seeking business financing
  • You are doing strategic financial & family planning
  • You need information for insurance purposes
  • You are converting your C Corporation to an S Corporation

Whatever the reason, Rosenbloom & Butler CPAs, P.C. provides services that will meet your unique needs whether financial, legal or personal.

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